Farmers Market & Festival Products

Because the below products are consummed best fresh, we reserve them for markets and festivals. Our jams and jellies and soaps also go with us to market but we also sell them online, so check out our online store for our current stock.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our farm fresh chicken and duck eggs are in high demand and we barely unpack for market before we have sold out. Our egg producers are fed non-gmo high quality feed and are free range. If you have never tried a fresh farm egg you don't know what you are missing, they are rich and healthy. Many bakers (including myself) prefer to use duck eggs for baking, it makes a real difference in the taste and texture of all baked goods.

Breads & Cobblers

Whether you are looking for breakfast breads, cinnamon rolls, fruit cobblers or savory breads we have a nice selection on market days. No hot kitchen work for you, and it makes the perfect overnight guest gift when visiting friends or having company over. We only sell at market for these products, so stop by and see us just make sure your are hungry!

China Bird feeders &

Mason Jar Oil Lamps


Looking for a unique gift? Check out our artistic bird feeders, we match old china pieces with a matching color scheme for each bird house. We have had many people bring us family china that would have set back in a box in a closet for years. It makes a great surprise re-purposed gift!


Our Mason Jars are primarily a holiday market item, Filled with beautiful dried fruit, herbs and flowers, it is useful and beautiful!


Each season we come up with a new handcrafted gift item so be sure to check our market page and come see us for your gift list!

Spirit Stones Jewelry

Creating jewelry has always been a passion for me. My heritage is Cherokee and being a Texan my jewelry has underlying cultural and heritage influences. For me the start of this creative process begins with the center piece or main stone of the piece, from that starting point I listen to the stone inspire me for it's complimentary stones and designs, thus the name Spirit Stones Jewelry. Every piece is unique, and I hope you enjoy wearing the pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them. All of these products can be ordered online or by email.

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