Our Process: How it's Made

Making our Handmade Soaps

We use only organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, and fair trade palm oil in our soaps. These are combined with rainwater that we collect in our systems and fresh goats milk. Our soaps have no color added and we never use fragrance oils or perfumes. The scents come from real flowers or herbs collected from our own herb beds or pure essential oils or a combination of both. Most of our soaps are made with goat's milk but we also carry a pumpkin soap and a cucumber soap made with all oils and rainwater for our vegan customers. All of our soaps are very gentle to the skin and almost PH neutral to provide a gentle cleansing and moisturizing bathing experience . Since homemade soaps contain no chemical hardeners they should not be allowed to sit in water between uses. If you do not plan to use your soap right away tuck it into a drawer with your T-shirts or night gowns. You'll enjoy the scent it imparts.


In the spring we carry Sweet Orange, Rose, Lavender, Mint, Almond Creme, Unscented, Lemongrass and Cucumber. In the fall we add Sandalwood Vanilla, Spruce, Cinnamon/Clove, Ginger Citrus, and Dark Woods. It's fun each season to see what our gardens inspire us to create in our soap line. Some soaps have become favorites and we try to stock year round as long as fresh herbs and flowers will allow.



Making our Jams, Jellies & Canned Goods

Coming Soon more details on our canning process.


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